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Take control of your creative world
As a successful 30+ year veteran of VoiceOver, Broadcast Announcing...Jordan guided me to a long desired on-camera's not just her practical knowledge, but the way she imparts it, and the way she reflects your own self view and vision. She's a genius at helping you to realistically see, believe in, and support your vision.
Tom Hair
(Original Voice HBO & CBS Evening News)
"Whenever I am overwhelmed with all the ways to navigate my career, I call Jordan.  She has an amazing way of turning an intimidatingly big business into something approachable and manageable.  She keeps me positive, focused, and helps me define my objectives.  I always leave a session...smiling ear to ear, and ready to take on new challenges!"
Allison Winn
DareDevil (Netflix)
Jordan was instrumental to my "second act!"
Ami Brabson
(Tough Titty, Phenomenal Woman)
"Jordan is my "go-to" source of wisdom and inspiration, business and creative advice....incredibly savvy about connecting people and passions."
Xan Russell
(The Mysteries, The Flea)


"I had the priveledge of working with Jordan as I made the transition from an academic career to a writing career.  I am so grateful I did! I received specific, personal attention to help me create goals, establish a commitment plan, and evalutate my weekly progress. I heartily recommend her made a difference in my life."
Suzanne Trauth
Dean, School of the Arts, Montclair State University
Acting Teacher, Author (Sonia Moore)
"Not only did she help me transition from college to the professional world of acting...but she still answers all of my texts!"
Danill Krimer
(MSU 2014)

Stop Waiting to be Asked...

"I want to thank you for pushing me in the right was the kick in the pants I needed!
Anupama Chakravarti
Rap Artist, Actor, Writer, Producer

I founded Room For Thought in 2010 as a conversation about being an artist.  I listened as my peers struggled with living the artistic life and aligning themselves with the world of business.  I watched many fine artists leave the field because it could not sustain their dream of a family, home and financial stability.  You do not need to starve in order to be a great artist.  In fact, starving has lost us some of our greatest art.


In 2006, while thinking about starting a small business I realized the principles used by every major corporation and small business in America applied to the artist as well.  We just didn't see ourselves as part of that larger paradigm. You don't need an M.B.A. to understand these principles.  It can be learned simply and easily and can fit exactly who you are and where you want to go as an artist.  


I began by working with private clients.  Soon I was invited to teach my principles at Montclair State University (NJ) and Master Classes at many of our top American theatres and training institutes (while performing in their productions).


Many artists are stuck running their business purely on a Marketing Plan (Headshot, resume, portfolio, reel, agent/manager).  A Marketing Plan is "Step Four" of a true business plan.  No business can survive on a Marketing Plan.  No business can survive on any one step of the model -- the steps work synergistically as a whole.


As an artist you have the training, the skills, the you have a strong plan for business?  Do you understand how freeing your world as an artist can be when you follow the same model and principles all major corporations and small businesses abide by? Do you understand how this model can benefit your professional and personal life?


I have designed the model that works with how you think as an artist.  When you "plug-in" each morning to your personal plan, your business and every aspect of your life grows.  When business is thriving at "peak performance" you have the resources mentally, physically and financially to truly achieve your dreams and fulfill your calling as an artist.  


My plan is "Step by Step" with a beginning, middle and end.  Once you grab hold of the principles -- I am here to support you every step of the way -- offering you a creative life with more freedom and more choice.


Achieve Awesome Outcomes and Live with Intention.



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